<![CDATA[Erasmus in blog - Untitled]]>Sun, 03 Jan 2016 23:52:17 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Winter is coming!]]>Wed, 16 Dec 2015 14:43:40 GMThttp://elenariego.weebly.com/untitled/winter-is-comingWhen I started the blog, I said that i was lookng for new experiences...and I founded! With the arrival of the cold, i saw snowing for first time in my life. 

The grass in front of the dorm 76

Obviously in my city never snows, so when I was in Multimedia Journalism class and started to snow, was really exciting for me. 

If in the city and in Bilkent is snowing, it's sure that it's time to skiing... so, i want to add some places where you can ski in Turkey.

​But, if you don't like to ski...there are another thing that you can do: a snowman! Here there is a page where you can find different ways to build one. 

If you prefer to walk and see good views, Dikmen Vadisi is a good place and is inside Ankara! Some friends and I went last week, and there are iced lakes and places to drink some çay or coffe. We took some photos, because the place was really beautiful to spend the afternoon. 

This is the map where you can find the location of the park. 

​That's it, remember wrap up warm!

<![CDATA[Diversity.]]>Thu, 10 Dec 2015 15:16:17 GMThttp://elenariego.weebly.com/untitled/diversityWhen you're Erasmus in Ankara, one of the things most striking it is the diversity of cultures, people, customs that come to be together in one room, one university, a group of friends ...

During the three months I have been here, I've been fortunate to meet many people, each person different to anything I had known before I moved here and each of them has given me different aspects that I never thought I would know.

To demonstrate this, it seemed a good idea to make a small compilation of some of the language that I hear in Turkey. (But I have decided to skip the Turkish and English, as they are obvious). Different students have what they like Erasmus in Ankara and least in their own languages.

Germany is one of the countries from which many Erasmus students come, including Bill Schuler. Bill is a 24 year old who is studying International Relations. He'll be here a semester and maybe in February he will start working in Istanbul.


​Bill during a trip at Ephesus

​Another language that you can listen when you are in an Erasmus is Italian, at our University we just have one Italian Erasmus student, but she is really kind with everybody! Her name is Giulia, she is from Trento and is 24 years old. In Italy she is studing at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.


Giulia with some friends in our trip at Fethiye (left).

French  is one of the languages that you are going to listen more often in a Erasmus in Ankara. Arthur (23) is a Managment student at Bilkent. He is from Saint-Ouen, and is enjoying his erasmus!

​Here is Arthur in Capadoccia
Portuguese, that incredible language speaked in the South West of Europe, is represented in Ankara too. Nuno Castanheira tells us his experience here!


​Nuno at Capadoccia

Of course, if you are Spanish (as me) you can find some Spanish people, so you never will forget your language... Ana (19), one of my bestfriends here is studing International Relations at Bilkent, she is from Madrid and is going to stay the full year in Ankara. 


Here is Ana, in our trip to Istanbul (in front          of Santa  Sophia Mosque)

<![CDATA[Typical Saturday in Ankara]]>Thu, 12 Nov 2015 19:45:28 GMThttp://elenariego.weebly.com/untitled/typical-saturday-in-ankaraIf you are an Erasmus student and is Saturday, chances are that your plan for Saturday is like this:

​First, we take the bus that takes us to Tunus, in the way (around 25 min.) we plan what we are going to do.
Laving cafe is the perfect place if you want to stay with your friends drinking some tea or coffe, and there are some sweet desserts to eat with the drinks. They use facebook, where you can see the location and the phone number:
 Balcón is a special place for a few erasmus, because it was our first meet at the beginning of the year. In Balcón you can have a good dinner, and start with some drinks while you smoke shisha of some tastes. They use Facebook as well, where there's some photos about the parties that they do some nights, and the location of the place, near to Tunus Caddesi. 
Bench is a bar/club where the erasmus usually go when we are going out. All Thursday we do international partys of the different countries, next week will be the Spanish party. People will enjoy with sangría, flamenco and our famous "tortilla de patata". On Facebook they announce upcoming events, report the schedule in which the Pub is open and also located on the map. They also advertise your website, although it is currently not available.
Rabarba was the first club where we went out, a night after the Radyo Bilkent Festival. ​If you go maybe can find some erasmus at Saturday night. On its website report the address of the local also upload photos of parties and anyone who has gone can be found in any of them and remember the good times of the night.  Moreover they are on Facebook.

It is time to go back home, and the best way is taking a taxi. It is not expensive, around 30 TL, and there are a lot of them on the streets near the pubs, but if you do not find one, right next to the bus stop Tunali there is a taxi stand, where any insurance.

Good night!

<![CDATA[The incredible Capadoccia]]>Sun, 01 Nov 2015 14:26:10 GMThttp://elenariego.weebly.com/untitled/november-01st-2015​Capadoccia is one of the more awesome places in Turkey. Capadoccia is the region where you can connect with the nature and yourself in the middle of the incredible views.  For this reason a big group of Erasmus people went last week to visit it.
Kapadokya is a historical region in Central Anatolia and is characteristic for the geological formation unique in the world. In 1985 was included for the UNESCO in the list of World Heritage Site. To know more about things to see in Kapadokya visit this link.
During the weekend we slept in one of the Suhan hotels. It had a pool, buffet and very good service. On its website are pictures of the different hotels in the chain, and reservations can be made. It is a highly recommended hotel for money. The standard room only costs around 90 lira per night. 
The trip was amazing, on the way we stopped in the Lake Tuz, a famous an big lake. In 2001, Lake Tuz was declared zone of high protection, including the full surface of the lake, the surrounding marshes and some important steppe surrounding areas. We stopped to have lunch at Urano's restaurant, with typical Turkish food. It is a place inside a cave and highly recommended, the waiters are attentive and the food was exquisite. Visit their Urano's Facebook page:
In addition, we celebrate a Turkish Night in a good restaurant, where we ate typical food and we saw typical dances. The restaurant is called Harmandali Restaurant, is inside a cave too, and is so nice eat different Turkish food and drink Raki while you can see different kinds of Turkish performance. Here is Harmandalı's Facebook, and you can see the opinions of the people and their phone number.

<![CDATA[First stop, Istanbul´╗┐]]>Sun, 18 Oct 2015 16:07:25 GMThttp://elenariego.weebly.com/untitled/first-stop-istanbulA year studying abroad in Turkey gives you the chance to visit a lot of places where some cultures coexist and are involved with each other, creating the essence of the country. It is especially in Istanbul where you can see this characteristic, a place which mixes the vitality of a modern city and the beauty of a historical capital where many events have happened throughout the centuries, now represented in the monuments, mosques, churches, buildings, etc.

​See you soon, Istanbul.

İstiklal Caddesi, one of the main touristic streets of Istanbul
A man was walking with this goat, and we took a photo with the animal
This is one of the bridges between Asia and Europe
My friends in one of the shops inside the Grand Bazaar
<![CDATA[This is me.]]>Tue, 15 Sep 2015 11:32:41 GMThttp://elenariego.weebly.com/untitled/this-is-meMy name is Elena Riego, i'm a girl of 20 years old from Spain. I'm optimistic, dreamer and adventurer. I'm studing journalism in Valencia, and i want to became in a war journalist to show to all the world what is happening in the worst imaginables situations.
In this photos appears "differents me", I like to adapt according to the place where I am, I have no problems if is very different, I can easily get used to.
Burriana is the place where i live,( I add the place at the map) Burriana is a small city in the Est of Spain, is a coast city and i really love living there with my family and my friends. 

Moreover of study, i work in a sailing school, teaching the kids how to sail in the Mediterranean Sea, and I am volunteer in a juvenil association as monitor of the kids, preparing plays for them. 

This year i decided to make a change in my life and came to Ankara to enjoy the best experience in my life till now: ERASMUS!. 
In this blog i want to show how a year can be unforgettable and incredible, i want to show my day a day and all my travels and new experiences.